Madrid, 1971


2016 - Certificate in Social Sector Leadership, Philanthropy University, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

2003 - Estudio 13 - Drawing (Madrid)

1998 - D.E.S.S. (Specialized Graduate Diploma) in Business Law, Université de Paris V, René Descartes (Paris)

- D.E.A. (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Comparative Law, Université de Paris II, Panthéon-Assas (Paris)

1997 - Bachelor of Law, Specialty Trade Law, Université de Paris V, René Descartes (Paris)



2015 - Black Tears, Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (Madrid).

2012 - A  new crime for the world's oldest exploitation, La  Casita  Verde (La Granja de  San Ildefonso, Segovia), Lecturer  Luz  Almeida Castro.

- Love for Money, Ateneo de Madrid (Madrid)

2011 - Tale without moral, Exit Art Gallery, Fundación Adolfo Dominguez (Madrid), Curator Jose María Parreño.

- Galerie Arielle d'Hauterives (Brussels)

2009 - Take your time, Estandarte Art Gallery (Madrid)

2008 - A day with Ada & the dragons, Garajarte Art Gallery (La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia)

2007 - Wonderland II, María Prego's Contemporany Art Gallery (Vigo)

- Once upon a time., Estandarte Art Gallery (Madrid)

2006 - Encounters, Dart Barcelona Art Gallery (Barcelona)

- Unusual stories, Delfos Art Gallery (Mojacar, Almería)

2004 - Mad Rain Alejara, Teatro Alcázar's Art Gallery, Biondetta (Madrid)


2016 - Creative Climate Awards (New York)

2015 - Cart' ART, Artesio (Bruxelles).

2015 - Cultural Factory, Matadero Madrid (Madrid)

- The time of songs, My Name is Lolita Art (Madrid), Curator Dis Berlin.

- Art Madrid '15 Cibeles Fair, Marc Decoene Art Gallery (Madrid)

2014 - Light, art & living, Heinzel Galerie (Germany)

- Young Spanish Art, Marc Decoene Art Gallery (Germany)

- 1st Group Show Procesos FACTORÍA, Matadero Madrid (Madrid)

- Commissioned landscape, My Name is Lolita Art (Madrid)

- Art Madrid '14 Cibeles Fair, Marc Decoene Art Gallery (Madrid)

2013 - Art on Paper (Brussels)

- The Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art (New York)

2012 - ArtBarcs (Chicago)

- Art Takes Miami: 1,001 Artists Project, Scope Miami Art Show (Miami)

- Embarcarte Art Gallery, Museum of Centro del Carmen de Valencia (Valencia)

- Art on paper (Brussels)

- Microart. Size does matter., Galería  Liebre  (Madrid)

2010 - 40 Painters against Parkinson, Casa de los Picos (Segovia)

2009 - CowParade Madrid 2008 (Madrid)

- Scope Basel Art Show (Basilea, Switzerland)

- Nicos & Manuella Vardinollanis Foundation, Villa Magna Hotel (Madrid)

2008 - Affordable Art Fair (London)

- Museum of the City of Madrid (Madrid)

- Estandarte Art Gallery (Madrid)

2007 - Caótica Ana (

- Delfos Art Gallery (Mojacar, Almería)

- Valencia Art Fair (Valencia)

- Museum of Gregorio Prieto de Valdepeñas's Foundation (Ciudad Real)

- Alicia Koplowitz Foundation (Madrid)

2005 - Dart Barcelona Art Gallery (Barcelona)

- Delfos Art Gallery (Mojacar, Almería)

2004 - Contemporany Art Museum of Marmolejo (Jaen)


- Contemporany Art Museum of Marmolejo (Jaén)

- Teatro Alcázar (Madrid)

- Alicia Koplowitz Foundation

- Nicos & Manuella Vardinollanis Foundation

- Grupo Leche Pascual, S.A.

- Spanish Autism Confederation


2016 - Creative Climate Awards (The Human Impacts Institute): selected art work.

2012 - Art Takes Miami: 1,001 Artists Project (Artists Wanted, Scope Miami Art Show): selected art work.

2007 - XVII Gregorio Prieto's Drawing Award (Obra Social Caja Madrid): selected art work.


2010 - Todo por Helarte, A decade of Art Critique in Segovia 1998 - 2009, Jesús Mazariegos, Caja Segovia (Obra Social y Cultural).




PhD in Economics (UCM). Doctor Assistant Professor. Teaches at the Department of Applied Economics I, Complutense University of Madrid. Current Teaching: Professor of Theories of Development (LECO), Spanish and World Economy (Bachelor Degree in Commerce, College of Business Studies), Macroeconomic Analysis of Countries Workshop (Master on International Economics and Development) and Economics (Master Degree of Academic educational training for faculty of Secondary Education, Highschool, Profesional Training and English Teaching). Member of the Research Groups Political Economy of Globalization (UCM) and I+D+i of Human Development and International Cooperation (University of Cantabria), lead researcher of International Cooperation and Development at the Real Instituto Elcano and research associate at the Complutense Institute of International Studies.



Bachelor degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Valladolid (2013) and specialized in Communication for social purposes: campaigns and strategies.

Her professional experience and personal interests have led her to be always involved in events and projects with a social factor, carrying out functions of design, strategy, organization, production and collaboration.

Since 2013 she is a member of the Arte y Concienciación Social Association team, collaborating in the development of communication, in the logistics and organization of events, creating promotional and communication materials, and participating actively in the planning and development of the Association's projects.



Secretary of the Board

- Bachelor degree in Law, Complutense University (Madrid). C.E.U San Pablo

- Bachelor degree in Law, London College of Law.

- Diploma in Corporate Law and Finance, London School of Economics and Political Science, London.

- Administrative Technician in Business, I.C.A.D.E., Madrid.

- M.B.A, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid.

- Diploma in Bankruptcy Law, C.E.F, Madrid


- Member of the Madrid Bar Association (Lawyer).

- Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales.

- Referee at the Court Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, at the Madrid Bar Association, and at AEADE.


Spanish, English, Italian.


- Attorney at Fernando Gerstein Scornik (Madrid).

- Lawyer at Clifford Chanche Legal Counsel (Lawyer).

- Manager of the Logistics and Engagement Department at Esso Española (EXXON), Madrid

- Attorney at Bufete y Asociados, Madrid.

- Associate at Levy Gee, Numerica Spain, Madrid.

- Founder of Boyer, Roig y Abogados, Madrid

Currently: - Partner at Estudio Jurídico Alliantia, S.L.P. (Madrid).


Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law

Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Haute Ecole Spécialisée (HES) - Lausanne / University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

Bachelor degree in Law, University of Valladolid

Trainer at the Institutional Training Area, International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Spanish Red Cross.

Expert in Coaching Psychology, UNED

Certified Coach by TISOC (The International School of Coaching) -Coaching assisted with horses Certification

Certified Coach Insights Discovery ® Spain. Self knowledge tool, based on the work of Swiss scientist Carl Jung, to promote effective relationships and personal growth.

Started her career in the financial sector, both in subsidiaries of banks, in banks and at their Holdings, with headquarters in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

After a few years, Yolanda Feal, because of her humanitarian and altruistic character, decides to channel her life towards the most vulnerable and starts to serve at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). For nearly ten years, and still identified with the mandate of the ICRC, Yolanda Feal has been part of the delegates and administrators, according to the missions, displaced to the war scenarios that belong to the International Organization under international mandate.

Yolanda Feal is especially familiar with the crisis in Rwanda during the worst years and with the other countries of the Great Lakes such as Burundi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo; the civil war in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Afghanistan (before international intervention). She also spent several years between Nigeria, Bosnia, Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

Since 2010, Yolanda Feal is the manager of COSICO, a company dedicated to train in social skills. She works as a Trainer and a Coach between Switzerland and Spain. She is specialized in leadership, functional team cohesion, and processes of change.

At the same time, in academic circles, she teaches and lectures on specific topics such as the implementation of the International Law of Armed Conflict and Communication in Extreme Situations, from a practical perspective that she has acquired through the years of experience in the field.