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Arte y Concienciación Social is a non-profit organization that seeks to support artists that pursue to develop projects for social purposes.
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Together, we can contribute to the social transformation.
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Presentación del Proyecto
Making off
Making off

Golden Red is a research project on the use of art as an instrument for social transformation.

The idea is to boost a concept in disuse, COMPASSION, through meditation and action. COMPASSION understood in the broadest sense (towards others, towards oneself, towards animals, nature, etc ...).

The goal is that the participation in this project promotes the positive assimilation of this concept of COMPASSION and therefor contributes to the improvement of the society in which we live.

Likewise, the collective participation in Golden Red aims to help the development of individual creativity of the participants. This development will provide them with tools to cope with their daily life in a more creative way and perhaps will contribute to that they can find original solutions to problems where previously their stereotyped view would not let them see a way out.

If we knew the last reason of things, we would even have compassion of the stars - Graham Greene.

COMPASSION is defined as a feeling of uneasiness produced by the fact of seeing someone suffer and that thrusts you to relieve or to mend their pain or affliction.

It is considered a virtue. However, it is not a unalterable trait. COMPASSION is actually a faculty, a faculty that you can acquire if you lack of it, or that you can improve if you already have it.

It's something you feel towards others but also towards yourself.

Compassion is one of the most beautiful faculties of the human soul - Séneca.

The monotheistic religions of Semitic origin (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) have given much value to the divine compassion or mercy. For the Murcian Sufi Ibn 'Arabi (d. 1240 d. C), the real name of God is ra.hmân, the Merciful. For Christianity, 2016 is the year of Mercy.

But nowadays, do we know what COMPASSION really means and implies? Do we practice it enough, if anything? I think today more than ever it is necessary for us to refresh this concept, that we research and meditate about it.

Plastically, Golden Red is a tangible and emotional network built collectively by the individual contributions of circles and ovals of different sizes and colors, plastified and banned together by rings. Each figure will have been produced by a different person and represents their commitment to this network of collective COMPASSION.

But Golden Red is above all a human network created for and during the execution of this project and that includes both the participants in it, as well as the whole network of volunteers, companies, foundations and institutions that will make it posible and united by COMPASSION.

Why has the circle been chosen as the main figure of the Artwork?

Golden Red is constructed as a safety net based on COMPASSION and inside which all those who want or need it, can be sheltered.

Since ancient times, the circle has been linked to "protection" and has been used in rituals of various kinds with this function: magic circles, rings of power, royal crowns or belts that make us invisible.

According to Carl Jung, to symbolize a figure that protects something or someone, we draw a circle with a dot in its center, "which represents the individuality, the self, the soul."

Innumerable dances in the world are held in a circle as a symbol of twinning, community protection and as a search for transcendence through group action and universal brotherhood.

Golden Red is a network of compassionate brotherhood, carried out by a group by means of joining a multitude of protective circles.

All these figures will be located around a larger circle made by Alejandra Corral (Kuska) in which is represented a stork, the Roman symbol of mercy and compassion.

Likewise, and to help experimenting with this concept, participants will be suggested to accomplish during the process of participation in Golden Red an act of compassion in their environment. And only if they wish, to tell us which was their experience.

This suggestion is a call to action.

COMPASSION implies the urge to relieve, remedy or avoid pain or suffering of others. Golden Red aims to help turn the momentum into a specifique action, into a real support.

Moreover and according to Buddhist philosophy, this real support would be represented by the color gold/yellow. Being the circle, as well, the symbol of gold in alchemy.

Golden Red is not just a symbolic network, it is also a network of actions and real support to everyone who is commiserated.

The stories of the acts of compassion received, will be published in a book, after a preselection. The book will be available online and can be purchased by anyone interested. Each story will be published together with the image of the circle/oval of the same authorship, as well as the full name of its author.


Alejandra Corral (Kuska): authoring, project management and artistic achievement

Jose María Parreño: artistic advice

Rober Martín: audiovisual production

Ana Salado de la Torre: assembly

2. Who can participate?

Anyone. No matter what their age is, their gender or condition. No matter the country they come from.

3. ¿How to get participants involved in the creative process and facilitate their development in this field?

Today most people still think that creativity is not accessible to all, but only to the chosen ones.

To enable the participation of the individual in the development of a major artwork and with a social cause that shakes you, through a simple and concise system, helps the involvement of the participant in the creative process and increases the curiosity for creativity: How far we can go if we create together? What will the dimensions of the network be thanks to the citizen participation? What will the esthetic result of such participation be like? What if I can change something in society through my participation, through art?

Further more, knowing the individual that his work will be included in a much larger whole, it reduces its possible sense of responsibility and increases its boldness in experimentation, which helps eliminate the fear of the "blank canvas" and therefore develops its creativity.

Since the work is designed so that the result is inevitably positive, regardless of the particular characteristics of each individual piece, once all the pieces are united in the huge network, none of the pieces will stand out for being bad, nor good. It is all in a whole that will be visually stunning.

Consequently, the participant will be pleased to have participated in the process and therefore their creative experience will serve as a positive precedent and encourage the development of future and larger creative experiences.

4. How will it be proceeded for the implementation of Golden Red?

The announcement to participate will be hung on social networks. Each person that requests to participate, will be sent the instructions of intervention (see Annex I).

Participants must intervene a circle/oval of paper.

Each gender of participants will be assigned a specific figure:

- Woman: circle - Man: oval

And every age group of participants will be assigned specific colors.

Buddhist philosophy has adopted COMPASSION as its own spiritual attitude and claims that it can be practiced through five colors:

- blue= we look at the other and we welcome him/her;
- yellow - gold = we offer practical support;
- red = to generate in the other a positive axis, helping him/her to build a better situation;
- green = to block negativity, interrupting it;
- white = to reveal the unlimited nature. What gives meaning to life is that we all walk towards the consciousness of the ultimate nature and live inseparable from it.

Starting from this baseline, we will establish the colors of Golden Red:

- Boy/girl under 18: blue (in any of its shades)
- Adults between 19 and 65 years old (included): red, orange, yellow, ocher or gold (in any of its shades)
- Adults over 65: green (in any of its shades)

As the finished pieces are received from the participants, they will be plastified and banned together to form an articulated network that can adapt to any exhibition area, since it will be modular.

Each piece will bear the name (no last name) of the participant written on its back and will be properly listed (including the picture).


At the same time, workshops will be organized, where participants can make larger circles, but always following precisely the rules of the process described here above.

How will it be exhibited:

It will be hung from the ceiling by steel cables with an igloo or tepee shape. The shape in which the artwork will be exhibited will depend on the space in which the show takes place (ceiling height, room dimensions, etc ..) and on the dimensions it will acquire once it is finished (which depends on the final number of participants).

During the exhibition and provided the artwork acquires a sufficient dimension, visitors can get inside of it.

Together with the artwork will be displayed a registry of participants, which shall contain the following information concerning each participant: name/gender/year and place of birth/ocupation.

Memory and instructions for participation


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