Asociacion Arte y Concienciación Social

Arte y Concienciación Social is a non-profit organization that seeks to support artists that pursue to develop projects for social purposes.
We want our platform to help you develop your project. We put all our resources at your disposal. We search for everything your project requires:
- Financing
- Communication
- Contacts with organisms and public institutions
- Logistics and Organization
- Global development
- Legal advise
Together, we can contribute to the social transformation.
If you have an artistic project of this nature please contact us.


Black Tears is a research project on the use of art as an instrument for social transformation and concerns women's human rights. It is the collective creation of a work of art consisting of a tapestry of 2 x 14 meters, which has involved the participation of 2245 women from 46 countries.

In fact, "this is one of the social-artistic projects that has involved a greater number of women around the world," - according to Mrs. Ana Teresa Alario Trigueros, PhD of Gender Studies at the University of Valladolid and Art Professor - and one of the first examples of Community Art in Spain.

Golden Red

Golden Red is a research project on the use of art as an instrument for social transformation and it is about COMPASSION. It is a tangible net built collectively by the union of individual contributions of paper circles and ovals, of different sizes and colors, plastified and banned together by rings. Each figure will have been produced by a different person and represents their commitment to this network of collective COMPASSION.

The goal is that the participation in this project promotes the positive assimilation of this concept of COMPASSION and therefor contributes to the improvement of the society in which we live.